Network Protection

Securing your network infrastructure from DDoS attacks at L3-L7 OSI with unlimited prefixes.

Website Protection and Optimization

Protecting against DDoS attacks at L7 OSI and delivering content quickly with CDN.

Protected VDS/VPS

Rent a virtual dedicated server with protection against DDoS attacks and flexible configuration.


In an increasingly interconnected world where cyber threats stay large, maintaining a thriving business can be a formidable challenge.

The vulnerability of online businesses is alarmingly high, with the potential to be disrupted within minutes. CloudSeal steps in to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to protect your digital presence.

Thousands of businesses face DDoS attacks each year

DDoS attacks cause damage to your business by consuming a significant amount of bandwidth, damage your reputation as a brand and more. CloudSeal prevents the downtime your business would receive as a result of a DDoS attack.

DDoS attacks portray a weak overall security posture

DDoS attacks can be a sign of a larger security issue, such as vulnerabilities in a business' systems or lack of employee awareness. By implementing DDoS mitigation, a business can improve its overall security posture and reduce the risk of other types of cyber attacks.

CloudSeal was born out of a necessity, a quest by entrepreneurs to shield themselves from digital attacks.

Founded in 2021 by three individuals who've been on the receiving end of damaging cyber threats, CloudSeal is more than a company - it's a testament to their resilience and innovation. They channelled their experiences into creating one of the world's most advanced and comprehensive DDoS mitigation services.
For CloudSeal, business uptime isn't just a goal - it's a commitment. We've walked in your shoes, understanding first-hand the devastating repercussions of downtime. Our experiences have fuelled our dedication to ensure your business thrives in an uninterrupted, secure digital environment.

Hundreds of attacks per day

CloudSeal succesfully mitigates and protects businesses from hundreds of attacks every single day.

Rapid Set-up

Automatically set-up and functional from your usage of CloudSeal, no extra work required to experience all of these good features.

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